Baby's First Wars
Artist: The Nodd
Producer: Angelo Quaglia
& Dug
Release: 11 November 2009

C'mout C'mout
Eat You Up
Never Saw It Coming
The Parts You Throw Away
For You For Me
Don't Save Your Soul
Go Head
Long Ride Home
Meet You There


There you go
I don’t know why I’m holding on
When I know
We don’t know where the other’s from

You’re once again
Selling what no one would even steal
You’re still picking
Around the reason for the meal

I give my arm, my leg
Stick out my neck
I’m not too proud to beg you for
The parts you throw away

There you go
I don’t know why I don’t skip town
When I know
Because of you it’s burning down

I give my credit, my cash
What is the price to match?
I break my back trying to catch
All the parts you throw away

Baby’s gone
The bath is dry as a bone
Baby’s gone
I guess you can’t be left alone

Following mama’s voice
Leads to getting lost
Baby needs a home
When mama’s voice is thrown

If you’re going leave for dead
Why I get out of bed
Throw to me instead
The parts you throw away
I want those parts you throw away
Give me the parts you throw away